30 years of tradition


Love to traditional Kashubian flavors, the desire to transfer them to the next generation as well as continuous development and discovering new recipes - it's the strength of our company and guarantee the high quality of our products. Already a quarter of a century, we deliver to your table our tastiest meats and selected meat quality. We specialize in the production and sale of pork. Each of our products is a piece of the Kashubian history, a journey into an extraordinary, unique taste. So delightful, like a place where you will find our factory - the beautiful Bory Tucholskie.

It all began many years ago from a small company employing just 12 staff. The offer of Skiba was the 20 products, while their customers were ... closest friends, family and local recipients. From year to year the number of our clients was growing. More and more people began to appreciate the meat from farms to ecological areas and products produced from those meats.

Today, we are still a family company. In our factory we have an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We value our employees and support their development. It is often people with many years of experience, specialists in their field. We are also a perfect example of that success can combine tradition and modernity. We adhere to the Kashubian custom preparation of meats and sausages, but still rapidly developing and looking for new flavors. We are the one of the largest companies in Poland regarding meat processing. We appreciate our customers and partners. We have implemented modern solutions, which increased the efficiency of production and processing. Courageously we carry out our plans. We strive to become a world leader in the production of fresh meat and top quality meats. We appreciate our partners, we respect customers, we care about the environment.
Everything we do - we do in a good taste!


The key moments of the Skiba's Company

12 August 1991 r. Was established as a small family business. The first store came to our relatives, friends and neighbors. For them, we tried to get the highest taste and quality meats and sausages.


We have launched their own slaughter pigs in Czersk. As a result, we have complete control over our products.


Modernized slaughterhouse in Czersk, from that moment could result in the slaughter of pigs and cattle.


Another great step forward - we started construction of a new facility. It was one of the most modern factories of meat in northern Poland.


We started the development of a new plant. We increased it by some warehouse and expeditionary smokehouse and packers.


We start building the swine slaughterhouses in Igły. A year later it open. This is our most modern plant, launched here the most technologically advanced production lines.


In 2010, we completed the expansion of the new slaughterhouse - cutting department was established and a refrigerator component.


Modernization and adaptation of the plant to slaughter cattle in Czersk


Expansion of the freezer component and expedition; modernization of the partitions


Retrofitting cutting device for cutting pig heads


The planned construction of a biogas plant


Tradition & quality

As the chef personally oversees the dishes served to the restaurant's guests, so in our company is Andrzej Skiba - the owner - he takes care of every detail and verify the quality of the product delivered to you. Since the company was created the most important for us was taste and satisfaction of our customers. We want our products to satisfy the most sophisticated palates of gourmets. We know that this is not easy. But also we have the proven way. The secret lies in recipes handed down from generation to generation. We can safely say that we have become the guardians of these ancient laws. We support the experience and knowledge of several generations Kashubian butchers. To prepare the meats we use a special blend of spices. We do not shorten the period of artificially producing sausages and cold cuts - we know that it takes time to have taken on the flavor, crispness and full of flavor.

Before our products will go to your table, we check them. Detailed selection takes place at the stage of raw materials for our products. Then meticulous inspection conducted by a team consisting of employees from different departments of our company. Then comes the stage of tasting in the company - this is the dress rehearsal for each of our products. On the time of testing we collect all comments and suggestions, which we use to improve the offer of Skiba Meat Company. Developed system works well, as evidenced obtained international certificates and appreciate us not only in Europe but all over the world.

We are not resting on our laurels - always follow modern solutions and listen to the expectations of our consumers. As a result, our offer is constantly growing and we become an attractive partner for Polish and foreign companies.