We offer meats ready for roasting meat. Save time, perfectly matched spices. Effortlessly you receive a delicious and exquisite dish. Previously, pickled and properly prepared meat after baking are tender, juicy and retain flavor spices. The meats are perfect for lunch as a roast, cold as a starter and sandwiches.

AB89250 poledwiczka po szlachecku inter

Polędwiczka po szlachecku

AB0 3644 schab inter

Schab po szlachecku

AB0 3568 karkowka po szlachecku

Karkówka po szlachecku

AB0 3571 rolada po szlachecku 2 inter

Rolada po szlachecku

pieczen 1 szynka po szlachecku inter

szynka po szlachecka